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A stainless steel and basalt sculpture by Eric Higgs placed at 400 Beach Drive, NE in St. Petersburg, Florida.

A requirement of the building permit was to include a significant sum towards public art in return for increased density in their recently completed mixed-use condominium development.

The structural engineering challenges were:
Provide adequate foundation for basalt monoliths.
Design mast and sail to withstand hurricane winds

Finished Installation

The challenge in designing the connection between the sails and the foundation was to permit field adjustment of the angle and orientation of the masts for each sail to suit the vision of the artist. As the sail was suspended by two cranes, in just the right position, multiple gussets were welded to the stainless steel embed in the concrete foundation.

The basalt monoliths were drilled actually to accept a stainless steel rod that had been embedded in the concrete foundation. As an added precaution against overturning during hurricanes, a reinforced concrete collar was cast at the base of the monolith after installation.

The happy artist upon seeing his vision actualized.

If you are interested in contacting Eric Higgs for public art works, he can be reached via the St. Petersburg office of Karins Engineering Group.


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